Our company is dedicated to the procurement of content for television and film production companies and Tv stations; as well as legal advice and the promotion of the audiovisual sector.

We are very much aware of our clients needs and know their respective audiences, as well as the different market trends. As a result, we offer pertinent content for Tv stations and television production companies.

Products and



Original content: We represent a catalog of content of more than twenty leading and popular screenwriters in Latin America (Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela), with vast experience in the creation and development of television series and soap operas, for broadcasters and cable.

Remakes: We facilitate the search and negotiations that Tv Stations and production companies require, for the remakes of series or soap operas that were successful in other territories.

Due to the important career of our screenwriters, we offer the following:
  • Original series and soap operas that have already been developed.
  • Talent for the development of series and soap operas that Tv stations and production companies demand.
  • Talent for remakes.

Products and



Advisories for the audiovisual sector, regarding regulatory, legal issues, generation of content and strategies for the promotion of this industry.

Management of audiovisual and television projects, from its structure and design strategies to marketing.


Salua Abisambra


Linked to the television industry for over 20 years, with experience in analysis and negotiation of content for television and the management of regulatory and legal issues in the sector.

Attorney specializing in communication law and commercial law.

María Paula Godoy

Market research and new products

Professional Languages and Sociocultural Studies with expertise in book marketing. His experience in literary structure and market analysis, as well as mastery of five languages (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian) provides us with the analysis of successful series and soap operas, created in different territories.


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